Any questions?


1. How do I apply for a job?

To apply for a position at Phorms Education, please use the online application form on our website. The application process is paperless, which saves time and resources. We therefore kindly ask that you do not send us your application by email. Find out more at

Online Application Process

2. What qualifications do I need to work at Phorms as an Early Years Educator/ as a Teaching Assistant/as a Teacher?

We attach great importance to our teaching staff being competent and passionate. We also adhere to the guidelines of the German authorities. To work in Phorms Education nurseries and schools, you should therefore meet the following requirements:

As an Early Years Educator/As a Teaching Assistant you ideally should have a federally recognised qualification, a degree in social pedagogy or an equivalent teaching qualification that would allow you to work as a specialist or an assistant in a nursery or school.

As a Teacher you should have an adequate teaching qualification that is recognised by the school authorities. Ideally, you also have passed the state examinations.

    Early Years Educator Teaching Assistant Primary School Teacher Secondary School Teacher

    3. Can I start as a career changer at Phorms Education?

    We would be happy to check whether your qualification is suitable.

    4. As a native English speaker, do I have to be fluent in German?

    For native English speakers, fluency in German is not a prerequisite for employment with Phorms. However, a general interest in the German language and in other cultures would be beneficial, as you will be working and communicating with German-speaking colleagues, parents, and children.

    5. What will be my working language at Phorms?

    You would supervise and teach the children and pupils in your native language.

    6. What is the bilingual ‘immersion method’?

    Our teachers and teaching assistants help the children to learn English and/or German using the bilingual immersion method (especially in nursery and primary school). This involves exposing all of the children’s senses to the respective language. Ideally, from a young age. Our English-speaking teachers also use facial expressions, gestures, pictures, and symbols to back up the spoken word. Above all, this helps to ensure that language is part of the daily activities and can be learned in a fun and playful way. To find out more about the immersion concept, click on the following video link:

    7. Can I apply for more than one position at the same time?

    We’re pleased that several of the vacancies at Phorms Education appeal to you. However, you only need to complete the online application process once. Please specify your preferred position and locations in the online application form – we will try our best to accommodate your preferences during the selection process.

    8. Why is a reference check required?

    To meet the high standards that we set ourselves at Phorms Education and to ensure the well-being of the children, we would like to get a comprehensive impression of your person and work ethos

    If necessary, we will contact former managers and colleagues of yours who you have recommended us as source of reference.

    9. Who should I contact if I have any questions about the online application process?

    If you have any questions about the application process, you can contact our applicant management team from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm on Monday to Friday, either by phone on +49 30 311 678 104 or by email at

    10. Can I work at Phorms as a teacher with civil servant status?

    You can work at Phorms if you are currently or are aiming to become a teacher with civil servant status. However, you should provide details of your individual circumstances during the application process.

    11. What training opportunities are available at Phorms?

    You can complete a nursery teacher traineeship at Phorms, or the practical part (‘Referendariat’) of your official teacher training. We also offer internships, working student jobs and federal volunteer services. To discuss specific details, please contact the applicant management team directly by telephone or email.

    12. How can I find out more about Phorms?

    We are pleased that you are interested in Phorms Education and that you would like to find out more about us. It is important to us, too, that we get to know each other.

    You can call the applicant management team to ask about the different options for finding out more about the nursery and school routine in person. You can also meet us at the following events: Open day (more information can be found on the webpage for each location or via the event links), Trade fairs and Taster days (in collaboration with nursery teacher training schools).

    14. What can Phorms offer me?

    To make working at Phorms as appealing and motivating as possible, we offer our employees:

    • competitive remuneration based on qualifications and experience, as well as additional employee benefits (such as a regional job ticket)

    • an appropriate budget for teaching materials for each school year and class, whereby teachers are free to make independent decisions with no red tape

    • a very good teacher-pupil ratio

    • an innovative teaching concept

    • a friendly and open working environment in an international team

    • fondly decorated group rooms and classrooms with modern amenities

    • training and development opportunities both internally and externally, in Germany and abroad

    • the opportunity to contribute creatively and with your own ideas

    15. What training and development opportunities are available at Phorms?

    Training and development is very important to us at Phorms Education. Our guiding principle: only if teachers are keen to improve themselves can they inspire children to learn. All employees are given the opportunity to attend continuing education courses aimed at developing their subject-specific expertise and personal skills. Furthermore, the staff at Phorms also have opportunities to develop their skills in an informal context, such as by receiving advice from their colleagues or sitting in on each other’s classes. The ongoing development of each individual creates a diverse teaching environment at the Phorms educational institutions and supports the staff in their day-to-day work. A representative example of our training and development platforms is the Phormative education conference. .

    16. Can Phorms help me relocate?

    Depending on the distance of your move, Phorms can provide financial support for relocating. We are happy to advise you on topics such as dealing with local authorities and looking for accommodation. However, Phorms does not own any housing itself and is unable to cover any rental costs.

    17. Will I have health insurance at Phorms?

    The German social security system requires that Phorms employees are insured under the state healthcare system. The HR staff at Phorms Education will be pleased to help you apply.