Administrative and organisational positions at Phorms schools are multi-faceted. At Phorms, you can put your administrative and organisational skills to the test and make a valuable contribution to the day-to-day life of your school.

  1. You are a crucial part of daily school life

    You enjoy interacting with other people, and you enjoy working in a service-oriented position in an international team. You have a gift for organisation, and you are able to multi-task. You ensure the smooth operation of your school as a head of school, an assistant in the front office, a caretaker in one of the school departments, or a member of the cleaning staff or school kitchen staff. You believe that reliability and responsibility are all in a day’s work.

  2. You assist and advise parents and teachers from the very beginning

    In the admissions department of your Phorms school, you will be responsible for the entire student acquisition process. This includes advisory duties and guidance for interested parents and students during the admissions phase, school contract procedures, invoicing of parent fees and organising marketing events (such as informational sessions and conventions).

    You make the difference!



As Head of School, you are responsible for developing and managing your location at one of our bilingual schools in Germany. You are an advocate for our educational concept and are dedicated to the principle of ‘one face, one language’ when it comes to exchange with colleagues, the classroom and beyond. At Phorms, you have the opportunity to draw on your own ideas and creativity in the workplace.


  1. You are the contact person for colleagues, students and parents at your school

    You conduct yourself with responsibility, reliability and commitment. You have an in-depth understanding of the individual needs of colleagues, students and parents and work together with the management and school administration of the location. Your personality and experience are an inspiration to the entire staff, whom you guide with your vision of an outstanding education. You encourage a sense of community among the teaching and non-teaching staff, students, parents and the school board. You are integral and dependable part of an international team.

  2. You enthusiastically carry out daily Head of School duties in the school

    No day is like the next, and you are dedicated to promoting friendly interactions with staff, parents and students as well as the strategic and educational development of the school. As Head of School, you are responsible for all the work at the school, comprising a broad array of activities. You actively assist in hiring staff and promote our educational concept in interviews. You furthermore ensure the continuous development, advancement and implementation of the school programme in compliance with the state-mandated curriculum and are in charge of quality assurance regarding teaching work. As Head of School for your location, you help Phorms distinguish itself through national and international educational achievements.

  3. Does education hold a special place in your heart and mind?

    Are you prepared to go the extra mile? Do you enjoy working in teams and have an interest in new educational concepts? Do you like implementing ideas in practice? Would you like to be involved in the coordination and development of a first rate school?

    Then we look forward to receiving your application.

    You make the difference!