This is what it's like



As an early years educator, you take pleasure each day in helping our youngest children develop into confident and independent individuals. In the nursery, you work according to the principle of ‘one face, one language’ and support the children’s bilingual development.


In our Phorms Early Years schools, you supervise nursery to preschool-age children and support them in all age-appropriate developmental areas. You maintain a playful, friendly demeanour as you teach children German and English according to the immersion method of language acquisition. In preschool groups, you help children prepare for Year 1 and facilitate a smooth transition to primary school. Interaction and coordination with primary school colleagues is also an important part of your duties.


  1. You are committed to the daily task of teaching and supervising our nursery school children

    Together with your German-speaking colleagues, you rely on a playful approach to learning English and German, making sure that – first and foremost – the children are having fun. You work with your team to plan and deliver creative and age-appropriate content in order to support the learning process, implement general curricula and put our educational concept into practice. You are team-oriented and flexible, and it comes as second nature to you to exchange ideas with your colleagues and support each other in your day-to-day work.

  2. You are the point of contact for all matters concerning the children in your care

    A central component of your duties is interaction and cooperation with parents. As such, it is particularly important to regularly update parents on their children’s developmental progress. To that end, you carry out regular observations and document the results. In the context of parental meetings and parent-teacher nights, you provide parents with detailed feedback about their children. You work with parents as required to establish individual developmental goals for their child.

  3. You create a one-of-a-kind educational environment through your open and friendly personality

    You conduct yourself in a responsible, attentive and caring way. You believe in the importance of creating an atmosphere of trust that makes children and parents feel safe and secure. You have an acute sense for the individual needs of children, and you nurture each child’s development with care and patience. You ensure that the children are supported in their independence and that they have a range of ways in which to discover their surroundings and the world. You also help children to build their self-esteem and make sure that they feel understood.


    Does this sound like you? If so – and providing you also have a federally recognised qualification, a degree in social pedagogy or an equivalent teaching qualification that would allow you to work as a specialist or assistant in a nursery – we look forward to hearing from you or receiving your application!

    You make the difference!