This what it's like



As a Phorms teacher, you will give your all each day in order to promote our students’ personal development and help them discover and hone their talents. You will implement our educational concept and embody the principle of ‘one face, one language’ both inside and outside the classroom. This will enable you to reinforce the immersion method to which Phorms subscribes and facilitate our students’ bilingual language acquisition.


  1. You are the first point of contact and support for our students

    You conduct yourself with responsibility, reliability and integrity. You have a thorough understanding of students’ individual needs and recognise their talents. You use your personality and experience as a teacher to inspire a passion for learning among your students. You work well with colleagues in a tightly-knit, international team and support each other via team-based educational model development, cooperative lesson planning and evaluation, and the ongoing exchange of ideas. You evaluate your students’ learning progress – as well as your own teaching methods and lesson planning – on a regular basis.


    Your duties also include the preparation, organisation and execution of projects, field trips, class trips and other extracurricular activities with your students. You demonstrate independent initiative in your work and take an exceptional level of care and prudence. You are the first point of contact for our parents and administrators. You assume responsibility for your own class, as well as for other students as part of your supervisory duties.

  2. You create clear and captivating lessons

    You view the innate curiosity of children as the logical starting point for lesson planning. You get students involved in your lessons using age-appropriate methods, and your lessons incorporate interactive whiteboards and other forms of new media. You align learning targets, skills and lesson content with the individual needs of your students – and this shows in your lessons. You also draw from a broad repertoire of teaching methods to meet the aforementioned targets. You conduct your lessons in either German or English at native-speaker level, and you maintain this mode of communication outside of the classroom. You subscribe to the Phorms educational concept and implement it in your day-to-day work in order to spread and further develop that concept’s underlying principles.


    At the same time, you meet the relevant state-mandated curricula. All-day support and a strong sense of community are also highly important to you. To provide the individual attention that students need, you rely on the support of a teaching assistant with whom you work closely during lessons.

  3. Does education hold a special place in your heart and mind?

    Are you prepared to go the extra mile? Do you enjoy working in teams and have an interest in new educational concepts? Do you like implementing ideas in practice? Would you like to be involved in making our school even more dynamic?


    If so – and if you have also passed the first or second state examinations or have completed equivalent teacher training – then you are exactly who we are looking for. Ideally, you also have several years’ teaching experience and an interest in English and German. We look forward to receiving your application!

    You make the difference!