• 1.

    Mutual respect

    Respectful, positive communication is the foundation of our organization. We embody a culture that is built on reciprocal empathy, understanding and respect.

  • 2.

    Make the difference

    Phorms gives teachers the freedom they need to shape their educational environment. Our motivated teams are looking for kindred spirits who are interested in developing themselves and their schools. Fresh learning stimuli are a hallmark of the dynamic atmosphere at Phorms, as evidenced by innovative, creative lesson planning.

  • 3.

    Team-teaching: children in the spotlight

    Modern classroom equipment is not the only thing that sets Phorms apart: small class sizes and support from teaching assistants and coaches enable you to focus on your students’ education.

  • 4.

    Free flow of cultural ideas

    Our bilingual teams aren’t the only reason why cross-cultural exchange is a way of life at Phorms – our employees hail from more than 40 countries.

  • 5.

    Improve your skills

    We hold national and international training courses and conferences (such as our own Phormative education conference) in order to facilitate the ongoing development of your didactic and methodological expertise.

  • 6.

    Benefits – for more than just the family

    We understand that our employees are competent, motivated people – it is important to strike a healthy balance between your private life and your professional duties. At Phorms, you will enjoy a range of benefits. For example, we offer a discount card (Ticket Plus Card) or travel allowance, and provide delicious lunches every day.

  • Motivated educators with creative drive

    At Phorms, we give creative, innovative teachers the freedom they need to teach well. Do you want to experiment with alternative lesson formats and introduce fresh learning stimuli to school routines? Do you set high academic standards and build your lessons primarily around the needs of your students? Are you willing to implement new educational concepts and support our teams with your own professional development and that of our schools?       

    In addition to modern equipment and plenty of developmental potential in a dynamic work environment, Phorms schools offer close cooperation as part of a group of creative and inspiring colleagues.

  • Culture-conscious teachers

    At Phorms, we bring together people of various mentalities and cultures who love to share their ideas and treat one another with openness and respect. Our bilingual teams bring cross-cultural interaction to life each and every day.

    While we do not require our German and English colleagues to learn each other’s languages fluently, we do value and expect openness and understanding for other languages and cultures.

  • Team-players aiming for shared success

    Do you want to join a dynamic, international team in order to develop and implement our educational concept?


    Phorms teachers work in a close-knit group and support one another in all aspects of the job. They also come together to organise team events and celebrate shared success. With the help of our buddy system, we will welcome you to the group and introduce you to our company culture. You will have a Phorms buddy at your side to help you get to know your team and your new Phorms school. They will also fill you in on the details of campus life and make sure that you feel right at home from day one.

    What we offer new employees

    We offer our new employees a wide range of benefits, which may vary depending on the campus location. We want to make sure that you feel at home at Phorms. We also know that you want to be as prepared as possible for your new duties.


  • On-Boarding Process

    We want to make sure that you feel at home at Phorms. We also know that you want to be as prepared as possible for your new duties. This is why our central HR department provides a structured on-boarding process for all new employees. Our support includes receiving answers to any questions or concerns you may have about your new position. You will also receive a comprehensive, on-site introduction to your duties. Furthermore, we support you in obtaining with all relevant payslip documents, and other informational material.

  • Relocation Support

    Moving to another country always involves a considerable amount of administrative work. We will guide you through the process – from the initial application for a work permit and residence permit (visa) to the assessment/provision of relocation bonus pay. We are also here to advise you on issues such as health insurance, and opening a German bank account.

  • Orientation Training

    To optimise your start at Phorms and make you feel at ease in your new work environment, you will undergo several days of orientation training at your Phorms school. During that time, you will get to know your new colleagues, familiarise yourself with the Phorms educational concept and learn about internal regulations and expectations.

  • Two-Year Contract

    When you start as a new employee at Phorms, you are generally given a two-year contract with the option of an open-ended contract after this period. Salary reviews are conducted at regular intervals and are based on your professional qualifications and experience.

  • Salary & Free Bank Account

    We offer you an employment contract with an appropriate salary for the market. We are happy to help you open a German bank account; you can apply for this from a leading banking provider with English-speaking customer service free of charge.

    The salary defined in your employment contract is a gross sum including additional benefits e.g. travel allowance. Income tax and social security payments are deducted from this, and the remaining sum is what you are paid.

  • Health Insurance: 50% paid by Phorms

    As a Phorms employee, we cover half the cost of your health insurance. We are happy to help you find the right insurance for you to fulfil your mandatory insurance obligation in Germany. There are around 150 statutory health insurance providers in Germany, all of which offer basic insurance that can be supplemented with additional services. Every citizen with statutory insurance receives an insurance card from their insurance provider. The number on the card is required by their employer, and is also needed for the individual to take advantage of medical care.

    Many services offered by statutory insurance providers are covered by the monthly payments. As an employee, you cover 50% of these payments, which is deducted directly from your gross salary. Various additional services can be covered through private insurance payments.

  • Tax Support

    We don’t expect you to be an expert in everything. We are happy to help you get to grips with the German tax system. The financial authorities assign an exclusive tax ID number to every taxable natural or legal person. When it comes to submitting a tax return in Germany, Phorms offers support in the form of a training seminar, if necessary.

  • Professional Development

    We care about your professional development. We offer a variety of further training opportunities, depending on the campus location. We hold training courses and conferences (such as our own Phormative education conference) to facilitate the ongoing development of your didactic and methodological expertise.

    We are excited to welcome you to the Phorms family, and we look forward to working together!