Phormative Bildungskonferenz

We create impulses

  • Nicole Jodain

    "As I am from Canada I find it really difficult to find English conference in Germany. So it is great that I can learn more and the workshop have a very good quality."

  • Ellen Küttelwesch

    "Die Bildungskonferenz war eine tolle Gelegenheit mit anderen Lehrkräften in Kontakt zu treten. Am Wochenende der Phormative konnte ich meinen Interessen entsprechend Kurse besuchen, die mir persönlich in meinem alltäglichen Unterrichten und Schulleben weiterhelfen."

  • Valérie Hardt

    "Es gab eine ausgewogene Kombination zwischen Theorie und Praxis. Auch viele Beispiele wurden vorgestellt, was sehr praktisch für uns Lehrer ist, da wir es am Ende anwenden müssen."

  • Ronan O'Connor

    "I've been teaching for now nearly ten years and I have never had the opportunity before working at Phorms to have this level and this intensity of professional development. I am much honored to be a part taken."

  • Platform for interaction and advanced training

    Organised by Phorms Education, the Phormative Bildungskonferenz is a platform for interaction, exchange and advanced training in the field of education. Over the course of two days, we create the ideal environment for the exchange of pedagogical, practical, experiential and subject-based information. All attendees are encouraged to actively participate in workshops, best practice discussions and presentations in order to improve their knowledge of topics relevant to teaching practices.

  • Exchange, Participation, Critical Thinking

    Exchange, participation and critical thinking: interaction is the key to the success of our conference. We create innovative, inspirational and intelligent spaces. For educational professionals. By educational professionals. By Phorms Education.

  • Topics of the Phormative 2017

    The second Phormative education conference took place in March 2017 and addressed the following themes:

    1. Pedagogical practice:
      How to be an effective teacher?
    2. Digital media and innovation:
      How is the digital revolution changing our classrooms?
    3. Health management and well-being:
      How to feel good?