Where we are from

The Phorms network consists of seven bilingual (German-English) nurseries and primary schools, five grammar schools and one secondary school with all-day supervision, as well as the Heidelberg International School (H.I.S.). Our private schools and nurseries are located in Berlin Mitte and Berlin Zehlendorf, Neckarsulm/Heilbronn, Frankfurt City and Frankfurt Taunus, Hamburg and Munich.

  • What makes Phorms special?

    At Phorms, children learn in German and English from the very beginning. The school’s students are supervised by German and international teaching staff right down to nursery-school level. This means that every Phorms school places equal importance on both languages from the start of the child’s education, while following the individual state’s curriculum framework.

    The German Abitur (matriculation exam) is taken at the end of Year 12 in grammar/secondary school. Alongside the Abitur, students can earn certificates for the successful completion of the Advanced Placement programme and the Cambridge Advanced Exam. They can also enrol in the International Baccalaureate programme. These programmes are internationally recognised and prepare students for studying at international universities. The school in question decides which programmes it will offer.

  • Where does the name Phorms come from?

    ‘Formation’ signifies emergence or development, while ‘metamorphosis’ means change or transformation. ‘Phorms’ is a combination of these two words. It unites the concepts of development and movement.

  • When was Phorms established?

    The first Phorms school, the Phorms campus Berlin Mitte, opened in 2006. In 2007, classes began at the Phorms Frankfurt City campus. The school established a second location in Steinbach (Taunus) on the outskirts of Frankfurt in 2009. The Phorms campus Munich also opened in 2007. One year later, the Phorms campus Berlin Süd in Berlin-Zehlendorf was established.

    The Phorms campus Hamburg also opened its doors in the same year. The Josef-Schwarz-Schule is the newest member of the Phorms’ network: it began accepting students in 2012. The Schatzinsel and Neckarburg nurseries in Heilbronn/Neckarsulm have been part of the Phorms network since 2015. Almost every Phorms school has a nursery, primary school and secondary school under one roof.

  • Is one Phorms school the same as the next?

    While there are Phorms schools and nurseries in various locations throughout Germany, they all share a common element – the pedagogical concept. Nonetheless, every location remains highly individual. The school community, teaching staff, parents and students give each location its unique character.

    The laws of the respective federal states also have a significant influence on each local campus. This is why Phorms is a dynamic network of schools as opposed to a consortium of identical modules. Although each location functions independently, all the schools enjoy constant, productive exchange with one another.