Berlin Süd

Students, teachers and parents all cherish the intimate atmosphere and cosmopolitan, friendly attitude at the Phorms campus Berlin Süd.


The bilingual (German-English) campus is located in the historic area right next to Monroe Park in the idyllic district of Berlin-Zehlendorf, and houses a daycare centre, nursery, primary school and grammar school. The grounds, which have protected monument status, are teeming with history. In the main building – constructed in Bauhaus style – the Telefunken company worked on tens of thousands of patented inventions, including the colour television. After the war, the American ‘Berlin Brigade’ occupied the building until they were disbanded by Bill Clinton and Helmut Kohl in 1994. The school enjoys the benefits of being located in both a green area and a major city. The roughly 500 children and adolescents at the nursery, primary school and grammar school take part in Berlin’s cultural programmes, with various excursions as part of project-based teaching. At the same time, the campus in the verdant district of Berlin-Zehlendorf offers ideal conditions for quiet, concentrated study and provides plenty of outdoor space to play and options for nearby nature excursions.


The school believes it is extremely important for the children to address subjects independently and present their work bilingually in German and English. Of course, the joy of learning is the primary focus, which is why the school invests so much energy in its music and performing arts programmes. The school’s afternoon programme provides opportunities for students to sing in the choir, learn to play musical instruments or practise acting. There are also plenty of plays and concerts on a regular basis that are staged by students of all ages. 


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