Frankfurt Taunus

The Phorms campus Frankfurt Taunus places a special focus on individual students’ needs. A total of 520 children and adolescents are taught at nursery, preschool, primary and grammar school level, all under one roof.  This provides students with the chance to learn and work with others who are older and younger than they are.


The campus is situated in the tranquil town of Steinbach – a beautiful, natural setting at the foot of the Taunus mountains and just 20 minutes away from Frankfurt city centre. Here, students have a full range of opportunities to explore the outdoors, learn about nature and do sport. The school also collaborates with several farmers whose fields surround the campus. Students learn first-hand about yearly cycles on the farms, receive guidance on cultivating their own gardens and lend a helping hand with harvesting produce and caring for farm animals. The school also has access to several well-appointed sports facilities in the area, in which students can play football, volleyball, handball, tennis and other sports.


The small-town ambience of the location fits perfectly with the intimate atmosphere at the private school. The bilingual school is a place for learning and is a lively community where teaching, learning and education flourish due to the spirit of trust between the school and the parents. This is just one of the reasons why the Phorms school Frankfurt was awarded state accreditation for lower secondary education in September 2015.


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