In the city centre of Munich, you will find our German-English bilingual school campus accommodating a Crèche, a Kindergarten, a Primary School and a Secondary School. The campus, which consists of beautiful buildings from different architectural eras, provides a very pleasant and inviting learning environment for our approximately 680 students. The Phorms Primary and Secondary School are recognised by the state of Bavaria. In addition to the Abitur (leaving certificate), the IB Diploma (International Baccalaureate) is offered as an extra degree.


Our competent teachers are at the core of our school campus. Our teachers are highly committed and engaged, which encourages our students of all ages and nourishes their enjoyment of school on a daily basis. Our large teaching faculty practices many ways of differentiation – not only in the classroom, but also as part of our diverse extension and enrichment programme. German and English are considered to be two completely equal languages both in the classroom and in daily school life. For our teachers, it is not only important that the students succeed during academic lessons, but there is an even higher priority to help them grow in their overall personal development. Furthermore, the school places great importance on working with each other in a respectful and cooperative manner.


Our educational programme is aimed at families of all nationalities and social backgrounds. Income-based tuition fees enable every child to attend our school.


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